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This section of our site permits unemployed or partially employed individuals to file an Alabama Initial Claim for unemployment insurance (UI) via the Internet.   However, if you need to file or view the status  a Weekly Certification for benefits, you may do so online at:  File or View a Weekly Certification .   For more information about alternative ways to file an Alabama claim, or information regarding filing a claim against another state press the "Contact" button below.

The system requires the use of several specific Internet browser technologies. You must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.  The application may be used with any browser.  However, some people may experience difficulties with this application due to their browser's particular characteristics. Best results will be achieved with the latest version of  Internet Explorer .  If you have any problems at all, please call our toll free claims line. To read further about browser technology requirements, please press the "Technology" button below.

Because the use of Internet technology may be new to some claimants, the Alabama Department of Labor has published some assurances about the privacy and security of the information submitted for a UI claim. To read these assurances, please press the "Assurances" button below.
WARNING!    You may not file a claim for anyone else.  Intentionally filing a fraudulent unemployment claim is a violation of federal regulations and is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.
If you wish to continue filing your claim via the Internet, please click the "Proceed" button below.

What is fraud?